Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Khayree Jackson
Period 1 Sociology

Foot stumping, hand clapping; out burst such as hallelujah, glory to God and hey tay by shatah. Are all the things that are usually heard in a mundane Pentecostal church. These Christians were established after fifty days after the death of Christ. According to the bible, Christ said, “and I will pray to the father, and he shall give you another comforter that he may abide with you forever.” This comforter was to fill in for Jesus absence, so that the disciples could keep the ministry going. When the Holy Ghost finally came, he filled the disciples with power and they spoke in this inarticulate tongue. In the film Jesus Camp, Becky Fisher opens up with a prayer. Then she says, “We are going to pray and speak in tongues.” The children and everyone in the room started to speak in tongues, all over you hear hey de she, mo do sha; and all other types of this uncoded language. Scrutinizing this scene of the movie, nothing else could be said but dysfunctional. The disciples and the children cant even are put in the same category, the disciples were serious and fully understood the religion. So, why does Becky Fischer teach young children these practices when they are ill prepared to understand them? In addition children shouldn’t be taught to understand religion at a young age.

Functionally the Pentecostal religion ascribes the believer to a sinful world .in that he/she must glorify god by not taking to the accustoms of sin. In reward to that they are given this gift of the Holy Ghost aka the comforter. This comforter is suppose to lead the believer to righteousness,

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Thursday, December 17, 2009

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Pyschology eJournal

Khayree Jackson 12/10/09
Psychology Period 2

eJournal Entry #1

I am doing my eJournal on Ochophobia. When I first heard the word I thought it most likely had something to the with the number 8. I believe that the person most likely has a fear of things that come in 8’s or just the site of the number itself.

I picked this disorder because it the sound of it seems interesting. I figured that the disorder would make a person who sees the number eight break out into a fit and probably run away or something in a recoiling nature.

After reading a source my hypothesis was completely wrong the phobia has nothing to do with the prefix; It is the fear of vehicles. According to the website the fear is actually being in a moving vehicle.